Sex and the City Quotes


I started watching this show when I was a junior in college…many many years ago. I was single and just got back from studying abroad. I had ended a long-term relationship several months before and this show gave me some perspective and changed the way I viewed relationships. Sex wasn’t so taboo – it was almost celebrated – and friendship was highlighted as the most precious relationship you could have.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the show. If you have any favorites, please feel free to email me and I will add them to the list.

“If you are single there is always one thing you should take out with you on a Saturday night…your friends.”

“Welcome to the age of un-innocence. No one has breakfast at Tiffany’s and no one has affairs to remember.”

“Normal is the halfway point between what you want and what you get?”

“I’ve been dating since I was 15. I’m exhausted. Where is he?”

“I’d like to think that people have more than one soul mate. If you miss one, along comes another one. Like cabs!”

“I heard the weather this morning but they didn’t say anything about a shit storm.”

“Sex with an ex can be depressing. If it’s good, you don’t have it anymore; and if it’s bad, then you just had sex with an ex.”

“As I walked away, I had a thought. Maybe all men are like a drug. Sometimes they bring you down but sometimes, like now, they get you so high. Damn, it would have looked so cool if I hadn’t looked back.”

“Isn’t delayed gratification the definition of maturity?”

“One day you’re going to wake up and not recognize yourself.”

“I need a sign. See you told me to have faith but I’m kind of losing mine so, so I need a sign.”

“Never stop thinking about him, even for a moment because that’s the moment he’ll reappear.”

“The most important break up rule…no matter who broke your heart or how long it takes to heal…you’ll never get through it without your friends.”

“Sex is not the time to chat. In fact, it’s the only time where it is perfectly appropriate time to shut up.”

“This is why I don’t date…the men out there are freaks.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen, stand far away from the man with two faces.”

“Enjoy men, but don’t expect them to fill you up.”

“When will waiting for the one be done?”

“When it comes to life and love, why do we believe our worst review?”

“If two people have one thought between them, something is very wrong.”

“There are beautiful people everywhere, but at the end of the day, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh.”

“You and your pink sky.”

“When was the last time you had sex? If you have to think about it then it’s been too long!”

“Is hope a drug we need to go off of or is it keeping us alive? What the harm in believing?”

“I’m not bitter. I’m just trying it on for size.”

“Life’s too short. What are we doing?”

“When it comes to finance and dating, why do we keep investing?”

“There is the type of date you can’t wait to keep and the type of date you both know you’ll never keep.”

“Why is it always something?”

“When it comes to sex, spray it, don’t say it.”

“The only words you should say in bed are dirty ones.”

“We should be smokin’ not chokin’…somethings I think rhymes help.”

“There are all kinds of firsts. The first date, the first time you see his apartment, the first time you kiss, the first time you have sex…the first time you realize this might be something.”

“It’s TGI Fuck Day.”

“Nice day to get laid.”

“A bump in the road is never good and you shouldn’t bother sitting around to find out how not good.’

“Do we need distance to get close?

“When it comes to men, I think you’ve had it right all along. Keep it light, don’t get too involved and don’t get too hurt.”

“When you’re young, your whole life is about the pursuit for fun. Then you grow up and learn to be cautious. You could break a bone or a heart. You look before you lead and sometimes you don’t leap at all because there’s not always someone there to catch you. And in life, there’s no safety net. When did it stop being fun and start being scary?”

“I would love to find a man who is strong enough to catch me.”

“When did we stop being free to be you and me?”

“I sparked with him. I never spark.”

“Why do we let the one thing we don’t have affect the way we feel about all the things we do have? Why does one minus a plus one feel like it adds up to zero?”

“Stop expecting it to look how you thought it was going to look like.”

“There are some things people don’t like to admit because of the way it sounds…I’m lonely.”

“I love the stock market. A room full of sweaty, screaming men all trying to get it up.”

“As long as what you get doesn’t itch, I say you’re fine.”

“If he seems to good to be true, he probably is.”

“Today, I had a thought. What if I never met you?”

“Isn’t that just a kick in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic?”

“Suddenly, my life was all about timing. All the right things said at all the wrong times. My past coming back way too fast and my future taking way too long to come home.”

“When it comes to relationships, is it safer to follow your heart or head?”

“Single and fabulous. Exclamation point.”

“I didn’t have the heart to tell her that happily ever after was a myth.”

“I figured everything before I love you just doesn’t count.”

“I’m the one with the power now. I’ve evolved past him.”

“I don’t believe in the republican party or the democratic party. I just believe in parties!”

“Had I become so jaded that I didn’t even recognize romance when it kissed me on the lips? Maybe modern women need a cheat sheet to remind us that romance isn’t dead.”

“I realized right then that I had made my stomach flip on my own…and it felt really nice.”

“One woman’s Titanic is another woman’s love boat.”

“If I wasn’t perpetually 10 minutes late, would my life be different?”

“How many times can I run out of ways to say no to the man who never asked me to say yes.”

“Can we have it all?”

“There are two types of guys out there. The ones who will hold your hand and the ones who will fuck you.”

“I couldn’t help but wonder, no matter how far you travel or how much you run from it, can you ever really escape your past?”

“I was starting to feel like myself again. The rest of me would grow back…eventually.”

“Because sweet friend, you and I are like a red wall. It’s a good idea in theory but somehow doesn’t quite work.”

“Soul mate. Two little worlds. One big concept. A belief that someone, somewhere is holding the key to your heart…and your dream house. All you have to do is find them. So, where is this person? And if you loved someone and it didn’t work out, does that mean they weren’t your soul mate? Were they just a runner-up contestant in a game show called ‘happily ever after’?”

“Maybe we could be each others soul mates. Then we could let men be these great nice guys to have fun with.”

“What ultimately defines a relationship is another one.”

“We had each other. Then we had you. And then we had everything.”

“There’s the kind of support you ask for. There’s the kind of support you don’t ask for. And then there’s the kind of support that just shows up.”

“City girls are country girls with cuter outfits.”

“Does anyone really know when it’s right? And how do you know? Are there signs? Fireworks? Is it right when it feels comfortable or is comfortable a sign there aren’t any fireworks? Is hesitation a sign that it’s not right or is it just a sign that you’re not ready? How do you when if it’s right?”

“When it comes to relationships, what are we fighting for?”

“The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you, YOU love, well that’s just fabulous.”

“I’m a real person looking for love, real love. Reliable, inconvenient, ridiculous, can’t-live-without-each other love.”







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