Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult

Quotes from Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult

“I was surprised to understand you may never love someone as hard as you had the first time you’d fallen; I was even more surprised to learn that maybe you could.”

“In a space between yes and no, there’s a lifetime. It’s the difference between the path you walk and on you leave behind; it’s the gap between who you thought you could be and who you really are; it’s the legroom for the lies you tell yourself in the future.”

“Imagine the touch of someone who loves you so much he cannot bear to watch you sleep; and so you wake up with with his hand on your heart.”

“If you’re a mother, you can look into the face of your grown child and see instead the one that peeked up at you from the folds of a baby blanket.”

“…then I remembered something else that makes us human: faith, the only weapon in our arsenal to battle doubt.”

“Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?”

“Do you know how when you are on the verge of a breakdown, the world pounds in your ears, a rush of blood of consequence? Do you know how it feels, when the truth cuts your tongue to ribbons and still you have to speak? Nothing he says to me can make any difference.”

“The birth of a child. Or the death of a parent. Falling love. Words are like nets, we hope they’ll cover what we mean, but we know they can’t possibly hold that much joy, grief or wonder. Finding God is like that too. If it’s happened to you, you know what it feels like. But try to describe it to someone else and language only takes you so far.”


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