Story of My Life by Jay McInerney

This has always been one of my favorite books. I read it many years ago and it’s a book I continuously go back to every now and again. Little known fact, the story is based upon the life of Rielle Hunter – the woman who had the affair with Presidential nominee John Edwards.

Quotes from Story of My Life by Jay McInerney

“We’re all sitting around here on earth working through our hurts, trying to pass them along to other people and make things even. Chain of pain.”

“It’s like, you can’t trust anybody, and if somebody you know doesn’t fuck you over it’s just because the price of selling you down the river was never high enough.”

“Men. I never met any. They’re all boys. I wish I didn’t want them so much. I’ve had a few dreams about making it with girls but it’s kind of like – sure, I’d love to visit Norway sometime.”

“Where was Planned Parenthood when we really needed them?”

“Do anything you are willing to admit and always tell the truth.”

“If there’s one thing I hate, it’s dishonesty. Drives me crazy. I hate liars and hypocrites. And I’m not too big on wimps either.”

“Sometimes we don’t have a choice what life throws at us.”

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