Love in the Asylum by Lisa Carey

Quotes from Love in the Asylum by Lisa Carey

“First times stick out. They always do, not just because our lives are organized by them (first step, first kiss) but because before you know someone, the first time you see them is when all the possibilities still exist. When you have yet to make a fool of yourself by pretending you’re someone you’re not, or let the only wonderful thing that ever happened to you walk away as if they are nothing.”

“She has a history with dangerous grins…”

“She opens her mouth but nothing comes out. She can’t speak because what she wants to say, what she has already whispered in her mind is absurd. It is this: I love you.”

“What I want to know is if you have any feelings at all?”

“My dreams seem to make more sense to me than the world I stumble through while awake.”

“He was already embedded in me in a way that could only be dangerous.”

“Maybe my soul’s broken.”


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