The Wife by Meg Wolitzer

Quotes from The Wife by Meg Wolitzer

“I always had a fear or being small and ordinary.”

“When I get married, I want it to be so easy that everyone will look at us and understand why we ended up with each other.”

“You say it’s only temporary but life is temporary.”

“Hatred doesn’t last unless you make a real effort at keeping it.”

“Everyone knows how women soldier on, how we dream up blueprints, recipes, ideas for a better world and then sometimes lose them on the way to the crib in the middle of the night. They lose them on the way to greasing the path on which their husband and children ride serenely through life. Some women don’t make that choice. They live another life entirely. Maybe some of them don’t even want babies and life opens out to them in an endless field of work. And once in a while the world responds in a big way, letting them in, giving them a key, a crown. It does happen. So if someone says ‘Listen, everything will be ok,’ we won’t have to make sure it is.”

“I feel so optimistic.”


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