Mallorca, Spain

As mentioned earlier, I had the wonderful opportunity of studying abroad in London. Over fall break where many others took that week to travel, my friends and I decided to park ourselves on a beach in Spain. Mallorca – at least at the time – was considered the Cancun of Spain. I’ve never been to Cancun so I don’t have anything to compare it to but let’s just say we did have a good time. We stayed in the seaside resort called Magaluf – also known to locals as Shagaluf. There was no shagging going on but one of us got a tattoo, another a nose piercing, we all rode a bull (mechanical of course), danced, drank and did some topless sunbathing. “When in Shagaluf Magaluf, right?”

We booked a cheap flight on Easyjet and off we went. It only took 2.5 hours to get there from London. We left in the wee hours of the morning and got there by noon. I have no recollection of the name of the hotel but I can assure you it was a dump. But who cares? We immediately set off for the beach!

beachfull0003 beachfull0004 beachfull0005 The water was gorgeous. It was just what we needed. The week leading up to the trip was a dreary mess in London. It was time to let loose…And we did… crazy0003nite0001nite0015

We also took in some of the sights. We took a tour that left out of Palma and hopped on a smelly bus full for what we be known as the road from hell. I mean look at this road!!!!!!

soller0001Those mountains you see all around are known as the Tramuntana mountain. At that point, I really didn’t care about the damn mountains.soller0016Having partied too hard the night before made this an excruciating ride. Thankfully, the ride was worth it as we entered into La Calobra.

soller0012Next we boarded a boat to Puerto Soller. That portion of the trip took 40 minutes and we saw gorgeous views along the way.

soller0014Ok that picture above isn’t that gorgeous but these are…

soller0009soller0013Here we are arriving in Soller…

soller0008soller0006After some free time, we took the wooden train through the orange and lemon orchards.

soller0004We went through tunnels in the mountains and the countryside before arriving back in Palma.


soller0005 Overall, the excursion was nice but do not drink the night before if you want to survive the first leg of the trip!!

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