Circle Line Pub Crawl – London

How to do the Circle Line Pub Crawl in London

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Probably one of London’s most (in)famous pub crawls is the Circle Line Pub Crawl. This circular subway line in central London has 27 stops.

circle lineAt each one, you must hop off and have a drink. The goal is to finish at your starting point for your 28th celebratory drink. This is definitely not a pub crawl for the faint of heart. While you might only have a half pint at each pub, that’s still 14 pints of booze! Certainly a memorable experience, but only up to the point where you black out!!

Things You’ll Need

  • All day zone 1 Tube pass
  • Tube map
  • At least £40 to cover your half-pints
  • A group of likeminded friends/drinkers/co-pilots
  • A free day and morning after where you can sleep off your inevitable hangover


1) Start off at Baker Street Tube Station. There are a number of pubs nearby including The Globe just opposite the Marylebone Street exit.

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It has outdoor seating, a variety of draft ales and if the weather’s foul, seats inside to keep you toasty. After your drink, head back to the tube station and go west on the circle (yellow on map) line to Edgware Road station.

2) As you come out of Edgware Road station, turn left onto Chapel Street and head for The Chapel which is on the right.


After your drink, head back to the tube station and catch the tube westbound to Paddington.

3) There is the Reef bar at Paddington in the main terminal, but if you want a taste of real London, head to the Dickens Tavern by exiting using the Praed Street exit. Turn right and follow London Street. The pub is at the junction with London Mews.

the-dickens-tavernIf you’re feeling peckish, there’s food on offer. Perfect for lining your stomach for a day’s drinking.

4) Your next stop is Bayswater station. The area is filled with pubs, cafes, restaurants and shopping, so while you’re still sober(ish) there are opportunities to buy souvenirs or food. Turn left out of the station and head for The Rat & Parrot at the junction with Moscow Road.


In the evenings this pub can be lively and busy, so be prepared for fun and possibly long waits to get served.

5) Next stop – Notting Hill Gate! There are plenty of pubs to be found in the area, but you must remember your goal – about 23 drinks left to go!! Opposite the exit to the station, you’ll find Mook. This modern bar’s exterior is white, so you can’t miss it!

NottingHillGate6) High Street Kensington is just a quick train journey away. At the High Street exit of the arcade, turn right and follow the road for about 150 yards. At Kensington Church Street, you’ll see the Prince of Wales on your right.


It’s a small and quiet pub, perfect for chatting to your friends and it will give you a chance to regroup before you hit pub 7.

7) At Gloucester Road station exit to the right. The Stanhope Arms is just up the road on your right hand side. It offers indoor and outdoor seating areas and a good selection of beers.


8) The Colbert (formerly The Oriel) is your next destination and can be found close to Sloane Square tube station.


It’s a modern pub and does turnaway the drunken, so do be careful to maintain your composure to gain entry! It’s on Sloane Square itself.

9) Victoria Station and the area surrounding it is a pub crawlers paradise when the weather is glorious. However, being England, it often isn’t! So if you are able to get past the bouncers, who frown on those who have had slightly too much to drink, try the Wetherspoons and stay dry.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt can be found in the main terminal around the corner from W H Smith. Just take the small escalator up.

10) St James Park does not seem to appreciate circle line pub crawlers, so it’s best to keep yourself on best behaviour in these parts! Use the Palmers Street exit of the station to find The Feathers pub.

FeathersHead (or stumble) left towards Scotland Yard and follow left onto Broadway. It’s on your right.

11) At Westminster station, use the Bridge Street exit and head for Big Ben. St Stephens pub is ahead of you on the right hand side.

6238234370_07f1448a7a_zThis real ale pub is a stone’s throw from the tube station and serves food if you need a pick-me-up!

12) Next station – Embankment. If you’ve been drinking halves, you’ll be just finishing your 6th pint in The Ship & Shovell. Come out of the station and head up the hill. Opposite the Princess of Wales pub there’s a shopping arcade, The Arches. Head in there and you will find this real ale pub which has plenty of snugs for you to chat quietly or grab a moment’s shut eye!

ship13) There are a few pubs to choose from at your next stop, Temple. But after 6 pints, there’s all the likelihood that you’ll get lost. Let’s it keep it simple. Walkabout is located just 50 meters down the road from the station exit. Take a left out of station and follow steps. At the top, turn left again and you’ll see it ahead on the left.

walk14) At Blackfriars station, take exit one. Just opposite the exit you’ll find the Blackfriars pub.


It has some amazing wood carvings and architecture, but unfortunately the crawl doesn’t allow you very long to enjoy it.

15) At Mansion House, try The Hatchet, a small City pub. Take a right at the station exit and it’s ahead of you.


Now that you’re in the City, you’ll find pubs such as this one are better to visit during the week. Many are closed on weekends as office workers are their main trade.

16) The Banker at Cannon Street offers views of the river Thames from its balcony.


It’s a short walk from the station, but worth it. Turn left out of the station and take the first left and head towards river. It’s right at the back of the station.

17) Nearly 2/3 of the way through your journey and you’re at Monument. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could try a drunken climb up to the top of the Monument to the Great Fire. But be warned, it’s a long way up that narrow, spiralling staircase. Worth it for the view, but in your drunken haze, it could be best to check it out another time. Instead, head for the Monument (formerly Hogs Head). As you leave the station, turn right. You will see the Monument ahead of you on your left and opposite, you find the pub!


18) Tower Hill is your next stop. Exit the station and follow the path to your right. You have a choice of several pubs, but for a weekend jaunt, Pepys at the Novotel is your best bet.


19) At Aldgate, the pub closest to the station is the Still & Star. Cross the road after exiting the station and you’ll find the Still & Star at the rear of the buildings in front of you.


20) Nearly there…well a few more to go! Liverpool Street has a few pubs closeby. The closest two are the Railway and the Lord Aberconway.


To reach them, come out of the station into the main square. The Railway is in the square itself and Lord Aberconway is on a side street, Old Broad Street.

21) Still in the City, many of Moorgate’s pubs are shut at weekends. The John Keats is the closest to the station. Just turn right after exiting and it can be found on the right side of the road.


he pub has a pool table, so if you’re feeling sporty or just love a drunken challenge, give it a whirl.

22) At Barbican, try the Barley Mow at Smithfield.

barleyRe-opened a year ago, it has friendly staff and great amenities including a pool table, quiz machines and a dartboard. As you leave the underground, head right. Take the first road on the right and it’s just a short walk down the road.

23) So you’ve had 11 pints, can you make it to 14? Try The Sir John Oldcastle pub, in Farringdon for your next drink.


If you’re feeling peckish, there should be some great food on the menu for you!

24) The Duke of York on platform 8 at Kings Cross is your next destination. If the weather’s foul, it means not having to leave the station. It’s a good place to grab a swift half and move on to finish your trek!


25) Use the North exit at Euston Square to reach The Crown & Anchor on Drummond Street. Exit to the right – away from the main road. Go past the first junction and the pub can be found on the right hand side.


If the weather isn’t too bad, there’s an outdoor seating area to catch your breath and get your second wind for the last few pubs on your list.

26) Great Portland Street has a few decent pubs closeby. Perhaps the best and most convenient is just behind the station. The Albany has a good selection of foreign draughts and the atmosphere is lively during the week.


27) You’ve made it!! So, you can head back to The Globe for your last drink or head into the Metropolitan which is just outside the station for your grand finale. The Met is another Wetherspoons Pub so expect good food and service…not that you’ll be in much of a state to judge by this point. To get there, take a left out of the Marylebone Road exit and you’ll see steps leading up on your right hand side.


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