Washington DC Travel Guide: Historic Sites Off The Beaten Path

Gathered by: Khanson

Whether traveling to DC for a getaway, to take the kids to see the historic monuments, or for a first or second honeymoon, there are many things to see around the DC area. Sure you could go to the traditional places like The White House (to see where the president lives), The Smithsonian Institution (the world’s largest museum and research complex with subjects that vary from African Art to the postal service, sculpture to space exploration), or the Washington Monument. But the infographic below (Washington DC Travel Guide: Historic Sites Off The Beaten Path) outlines some of the many things to do while visiting Washington DC that are off the beaten path. These sights are for the non-traditional traveler who wants to explore some of the DC areas best kept secrets.

The DC Travel Guide by TFR and Digby & Rose Luxury Invitations in Washington DC.

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