Crate&Kids Series

When it came time to decorate the nursery (gender unknown), I knew I wanted it to be travel themed. One item that I decided to splurge on came from The Land of Nod (now known as Crate&Kids). It’s a piece called “I’ve got the whole world in my room.” How cute is this?

landofnodEach letter of the alphabet represents a city in the world and it even has a bucket list item to go along with it. My husband cringed at the price ($129) but I knew this belonged in our future child’s room. It now hangs above his crib and ever night as I rock him to sleep I dream of the adventures we will have together.

I thought this would make a great blog series. Some of these places I’ve never even heard of and if I plan on taking my dear son to them then I better do some research, right?

Come along with me as I plan some fantastic adventures.

A is for…

B is for…

C is for…

D is for…

E is for…

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