Cinque Terre, Italy

My husband and I booked a last minute trip to Italy in April 2014. We landed in Milan and spent the day sightseeing before heading to the Cinque Terre. Check out my Milan blog post to read about Day 1 of our trip! For the last leg of our trip, we visited Lake Como. Here is a link to that blog post.

Day 2: Monterosso & Vernazza

Train from Milan to Monterosso – 6am-9am. We booked our tickets online from Trenitalia. You can get one ways for 9 a person. You don’t have to book in advance but you may save money on tickets. Be sure to review all the details and dates before hitting submit.

Still reeling a bit from jetlag, I slept for the majority of the train ride and woke up in a drizzly Monterosso.


Before starting our hike, we stopped at this little cafe, Focacceria Antonio. They had the BEST chocolate croissants. EVER. I’m still dreaming about them. Please go in and try them…for me!!

???????????????????????????????After fueling up, we began the hike to Vernazza – the second village. Be sure to look for signs leading the way.

This is an intense hike. I’m relatively fit but the trail starts with 400 steps uphill. BRUTAL. I found this hike to be hard!! In my defense, I was carrying a 10+ lbs backpack. So, try not to do that if you can help it. But with perseverance and a lot of cursing, I got through it!

IMG_3040The hike took us about 2.5 hours. It is close to 3 miles total and meanders through the mountains. It’s gorgeous. You can keep looking back and see where you started.

???????????????????????????????Soon, we saw a glimpse of Vernazza.


I was never so happy to see her! And it was worth every minute of hike. Quick tip: keep looking for white and red painted stripes to stay on track.

We stayed at Francamaria Rooms. It was 110.  The reservation spot is in the piazza by the water. There is a door that sits next to a busy pizza place. Ringthe  bell and Giovanni will greet you. We were booked in the Lina room but due to problems they changed us to 6B. It was close to the train station but Vernazza is so small you don’t walk far. It was a lovely room. My husband and I don’t require much so it met our needs fine. Be sure to being shampoo/conditioner and soap. They provide you with a combo shampoo and shower gel. Also the towels are really thin. But who cares, you are in Italy!

IMG_3084 - Copy IMG_3090 - CopyLook who we ran into! Rick Steve’s. He was the reason we were there. He was filming his show. He has been going to the Cinque Terre for 30 years.

IMG_3100 - CopyDay 3: Corniglia, Manarola & Riomaggiore

The next day we woke up, had some breakfast in the square and hit the second trail to Corniglia. Here is a view of Vernazza from above.

IMG_3130This hike took about 2 hours. It was much more manageable but there were still a lot of steps. Here is our first glimpse.



There was not much going on in Corniglia. It’s very small so we headed to Manarola via train. The remaining two paths were closed.

Manarola was much more bustling. We ate a delicious lunch near the water.

IMG_2548 ???????????????????????????????It was off to our final village, Riomaggiore. We stayed at La Baio Di Rio for one night, We were in the Ansel room and it was worth every penny. Emiliano was a delight. The place can be tricky to find and it requires a steep walk up to the top but it’s worth it for the view. The room itself is basic but sufficient. Again, bring your own shampoo/conditioner. Here is a view from our room.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????Delicious dinner. Cheese and meat plate and Gorgonzola Gnocchi.

???????????????????????????????IMG_3205 ???????????????????????????????The next day, it was off to Lake Como.

4 thoughts on “Cinque Terre, Italy

  1. joylovestravel says:

    Oh wow, how I remember those steps on the trail – but the views are definitely worth it! Love the pictures, my mouth is watering looking at the food too! Wish I was back there!!

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