Nashville, Tennessee

My husband and I were in Indianapolis (blog post) for a wedding and the next day decided to drive to Nashville for the night. I am so happy that we did. I loved loved LOVED Nashville!! The drive was about 4 hours which wasn’t fun but thankfully there wasn’t any traffic and we had plenty of time to sight see. Well, sort of sight see! My idea of sight seeing is putzying in a cute downtown, shopping, drinking, eating and exploring. I don’t necessarily need to see all the touristy things. I like to wander.

We arrived at our hotel pretty early and thankfully we were able to check in since we had our dog. We stayed at the Hutton Hotel. My husband and I loved this hotel and I’m pretty sure our dog did too! We received an early check-in as requested which gave us more time to enjoy the city. Our dog is blind (however, very functional) and when we arrived they were very sweet with him. We even received a handicap room which was huge haha! I’m not sure if they did that on purpose but it was much appreciated. The decor in the room was modern and the bed was comfortable.

Our dog received a welcome bag full of treats, a bandana, bully stick and a ball to play with. They even delivered a HUGE dog bed for him to relax on. He was in Hutton Heaven. They offer a pet walking service when booking the pet friendly package but we opted against it. Laura at the concierge desk was so wonderful! She had great tips for the city and really knew what she was talking about.

The hotel is about a mile from the downtown but the shuttle drivers were GREAT! They picked us up and dropped us off at various locations throughout the downtown. (Shout out to Brandon and Jake).

We first hit up Broadway, the most well-known street in Nashville. They have lots of shops and honky tonks.



After grabbing a quick bite to eat, we hit up two breweries. My husband loves himself some brew tours and I love beer so it’s a win-win situation. The first place we visited was called Yazoo Brewing Company. We took a tour and drank some beer. It wasn’t anything spectacular but I enjoyed the brews.


The second brewery we visited was Jackelope Brewing. There weren’t any tours available when we got there so we took advantage of the tasting room for a small fee.


All this drinking was in preparation of one thing…the courage to buy cowboy boots and believe in my heart that I could pull them off.

I was determined to find a pair.  Be warned, they are expensive! Roughly in the $300+ range! Be sure to find a place that offers a buy 1 get 2 free deal. I found two other girls in the store and we ended up splitting the cost. Check out the selection!



Here are the ones I chose for myself! Note, there are no crazy colors. They are a modest boot.


I happened to wear them for our evening out to The Grand Ole Opry. I was thrilled we were able to get tickets and one of the main performers was none other than Carrie Underwood! I wouldn’t consider myself Carrie’s (yes we are on a first name basis) #1 fan but I certainly enjoy her music and download it. But the fact she was performing was such a bonus. It takes about a half hour to get there from downtown Nashville so add that buffer in when making plans.

Here is the entrance. Be sure to snap a picture of yourself wearing YOUR newly purchased cowboy boots 😉

.    IMG_3117

My husband wasn’t as excited as I was about the show but he even admitted that it was a lot better than he expected! We didn’t know every single act but it doesn’t matter because they were still entertaining. The only complaint I have is the seating – it’s like church pews. You are packed in there like sardines and for someone who suffers from even the slightest claustrophobia, they would have an issue with this!! Try to buy an end seat if possible.

It was a packed house!


Oh hi Carrie…I’m loving the hair!


Our view…


Here is a list of the performers that night! The show was roughly 2 hours long.


If you are visiting Nashville, check out the Grand Ole Oprey’s website for performances. They tend to add on to the list as the date draws closer so you never know who might show up! Have a great trip!

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