Kauai, Hawaii

As mentioned in my Maui post, my husband and I visited Hawaii on our honeymoon. The first island we visited was Maui and the second was Kauai. This was by far my favorite island.

We took a 45 minute frlight from Maui to Kauai. We picked up our rental car and headed to our hotel, the Marriott Kauai Beach Resort. This was my favorite hotel of the trip. The ocean was a lagoon, the pool was massive and they had five restaurants on the property. What more did we need?

1824_1076902004368_8342_n1824_1076902204373_9621_n1824_1076902324376_9925_nThe reason Kauai is so lush and green is that it rains periodically throughout the day. They aren’t necessarily torrential downpours but more like a misty rain. They pass quickly and the sun comes back out immediately.

1824_1076902124371_8988_nWe did two excursions on the island. Zip lining and Ditch tubing. Both were done through Backcountry Adventures. The first part of the day was dedicated to zip lining. It was roughly 3 hours. We took a drive through the backcountry to the zip line location. We started with a basic short line to ourselves acquainted with it.

1824_1076902524381_1596_nBut soon, we moved on to some really long and steep lines.

1824_1076902444379_927_n <gulp>1824_1076902564382_1917_nThere was never a moment of shear terror nor did I feel unsafe. This tour company is well-established and familiar with a persons needs. I highly recommend this tour.

As much as we enjoyed zip lining, nothing could have prepared us for ditch tubing. I think I screamed more on this than flying over the trees.

According to their website:

Kauai Backcountry Adventures has exclusive access to the historic irrigation system of the former Lihue Plantation. This ditch and tunnel system that once irrigated vast sugar crops had been unused since sugar was taken out of production in 2000. In January 2003, Kauai Backcountry opened a section for exclusive tubing tours. This water system runs through some of the most beautiful and remote land on the island. It includes spectacular views of the ocean, coastline, mountains and valleys. The waters which originate near the top of Mount Waialeale, one of the wettest spots in the world, are channeled through ditches and tunnels hand-dug by plantation workers over a century ago!

Picture a long lazy river with caves mixed in and that is ditch tubing.

Photos Courtesy of Kauai Backcountry Adventures

Photo Courtesy of Kauai Backcountry Adventures

tubingsplashPhoto Courtesy of Kauai Backcountry Adventures


Photos Courtesy of Kauai Backcountry Adventures

This was a unique experience I won’t ever forget! It is worth the money and the time!

The rest of our time was spent driving around the island and finding snorkeling spots. Can you tell we like to snorkel? I was on the hunt for a sea turtle. I didn’t find one until we hit the Big Island. Check out that post for all the details…

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