Visa Requirements

You may need a travel visa when visiting other countries. The US Department of State has a complete list of countries, and the entry/exit documents required for travel.You must have a valid passport before applying. If you require a visa, the first thing you should do is visit that country’s embassy or consulate website and fill out their application. You will need to specify the reason for visiting, the locations you will see, the hotels you are staying in and the people/businesses you will be visiting. The application can be time consuming depending on the length and reason for your visit.

All documents must be mailed in or dropped off in person for review. Upon acceptance, you will receive the visa which can be inserted into your passport.

The cost varies by country – typically between $50-200 and he process can take anywhere from three weeks to two months. Below are some popular countries with visa requirements. For a complete list, scroll to the end of this post.

Latin America

  • Argentina: Visitors must pay a $160 reciprocity fee online before arrival ( Print the receipt and take it with you (it’s good for ten years).
  • Brazil: Visa required; $160.
  • Chile: U.S citizens can get a free 90-day permit upon arrival at Santiago International Airport.*
  • Nicaragua: Visa not required, but visitors must buy a $10 tourist card upon arrival.
  • Panama: none required; a $5 tourist fee is included with airfare.


  • Much of Mainland Europe: Visa not required; a valid passport for stays of less than 90 days.
  • Belarus: Visa required; $160.
  • Russia: Visa required; $160.
  • Turkey: Visitors must complete an online form before arrival (; $20).


  • China: Visa required; $130. Visitors staying 72 hours or less (on a long layover to tour Shanghai, for example) don’t need a visa.
  • Indonesia: Visa available upon arrival at bali’s ngurah rai international airport; $25. Brace yourself for lines.
  • Maldives: Free visa on arrival.
  • Thailand: Not required for stays of up to 30 days.
  • Vietnam: Visa required; $100.


  • Kenya: Visa required; $50.
  • Tanzania: Visa required; $100


  • Australia: Visitors must complete an online form before arrival (; $18).
  • New Zealand: Visa not required for stays under three months.

If time is an issue, there are private agencies that can assist you for a fee – $100-300 per visa.

Countries that require a visa:

Required? Yes or No
Tourist Business
Afghanistan Yes Yes
Anguilla No No
Antigua No No
Argentina Yes Yes
Armenia Yes Yes
Aruba No No
Australia Yes Yes
Austria No No
Bahamas No No
Bangladesh Yes Yes
Barbados No No
Belgium No No
Belize No No
Bermuda No No
Botswana No No
Brazil Yes Yes
British Virgin Islands No No
Bulgaria No No
Cambodia Yes Yes
Canada No No
Cape Verde Yes Yes
Chile No No
China Yes Yes
Columbia No Yes
Congo Democratic Republic Yes Yes
Congo Republic Yes Yes
Cook Islands Yes Yes
Costa Rica No No
Croatia No No
Cuba Yes Yes
Cyprus No No
Czech Republic No No
Denmark No No
Dominican Republic No No
Ecuador No No
Egypt Yes Yes
El Salvador No No
Ethiopia No No
Falkland Islands No No
Fiji No No
Finland No No
France No No
French Guiana No No
French Polynesia No No
Germany No No
Ghana Yes Yes
Greece No No
Grenada Yes Yes
Guam No No
Guatemala No No
Guinea Yes Yes
Iceland No No
India Yes Yes
Indonesia Yes Yes
Iran Yes Yes
Iraq Yes Yes
Ireland No No
Israel No No
Italy No No
Ivory Coast Yes Yes
Kazakhstan Yes Yes
Kenya Yes Yes
Kosovo No No
Kuwait Yes Yes
Laos Yes Yes
Lebanon Yes Yes
Lithuania Yes Yes
Luxembourg No No
Madagascar Yes Yes
Malaysia No No
Maldives Yes Yes
Malta No No
Mexico No No
Monaco No No
Mongolia No No
Morocco No No
Namibia No Yes
Nepal Yes Yes
Netherlands No No
Netherlands No No
New Zealand No No
Nicaragua No No
Nigeria Yes Yes
North Korea Yes Yes
Norway No No
Pakistan Yes Yes
Palestine Yes Yes
Panama Yes Yes
Papua New Guinea Yes Yes
Paraguay Yes Yes
Peru No Yes
Philippines Yes Yes
Poland No No
Portugal No No
Qatar Yes Yes
Romania Yes Yes
Russia Yes Yes
Rwanda No No
Saint Kitts No No
Saint Lucia No No
Senegal Yes Yes
Serbia No No
Sierra Leone Yes Yes
Slovak Republic No No
Slovenia No No
Somalia Yes Yes
South Africa No No
South Korea No No
South Sudan Yes Yes
Spain No No
Sri Lanka Yes Yes
Sudan Yes Yes
Saudi Arabia Yes Yes
Sweden No No
Switzerland No No
Tahiti No No
Taiwan No No
Tanzania Yes Yes
Thailand Yes Yes
Trinidad No No
Tunisia No No
Turkey Yes Yes
Uganda Yes Yes
Ukraine No No
United Arab Emirates Yes Yes
United Kingdom No No
Uruguay No No
Venezuela No Yes
Vietnam Yes Yes
Yemen Yes Yes
Zambia Yes Yes
Zimbabwe Yes Yes



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