I am a firm believer that people come into your life for a reason. I’m not going to get all cliché or whimsical about when or how it happens, just that it does and it can change your life. That person was named “Hess”.  (OK, I know her real name and I’m pretty sure you can figure it out as well but I’m changing it to protect her privacy.)

I was waiting for a flight at the Hobby airport where I tucked myself into the very back of a cafe. After a half hour or so she came and sat down nearby. Her opening line was “are you trying to pretend you aren’t in the airport and instead a coffee shop?” I didn’t realize it but I was doing just that. We got to talking and already I could feel my cranky mood lifting. She was funny and insightful. She has traveled all over the world and was about to move permanently to Australia. As a fellow travel enthusiast, I couldn’t help but be enamored.

We talked about our trips and where we hoped to travel. We chatted like we had known each other for years. Don’t you love when you can connect with a person instantly? It makes me wonder if we have all led former lives. Perhaps we were best friends in South Africa – a place she hopes to visit one day. I practically told her my life story, one that includes wanting to travel the world and make it my job. She encouraged me to create a blog – use it like a journal. I’m not sure if I’m even going to publish it to the public or my closest friends/family! It won’t just be about traveling but about my life and the things I cherish. I will write from my heart, free from judgement.

So, thank you Hess. You truly inspired me.

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