I’m fortunate to travel for my job – both domestically and internationally. I spent the first half of December in Asia – specifically China, Malaysia and Singapore. I have broken it down into different blogs.

I have already covered the two legs of the trip, China and Malaysia, and now it’s time for Singapore. We took a flight from KL into Singapore on Air Asia. It was a $30 USD one-way flight. Thankfully, it was only an hour or so flight because space was right.


We got in around 7ish and were leaving late the next night. We stayed at the Fairmont. The hotel is quite beautiful and conveniently attached to a mall. Check in was smooth and Daniel was very kind. The room was large and spacious. The Italian restaurant is just so so and rather expensive. I would recommend eating elsewhere. The pool bar had a delicious club sandwich.

This was considered my day off so I didn’t want to sleep in too late. All I wanted to do was to get The Marina Bay Sands hotel. It has three towers and it’s connected by a rooftop infinity pool and observation deck. I wanted to get to that pool. I hate the term “bucket list” but this was a bucket list worthy pool.

2011-02-02-Singapor-Marina-bay-sandsYou can only get access it if you are staying at the hotel and since I wasn’t a guest I had to get creative. My first order of business was to see if I could get up there via the Skypark. My main goal was the pool I wanted to take a picture of it and maybe even a dip! The skypark will only give you a partial view. The other views of the city are quite beautiful but is it worth $20? Eh not really.


The pool from afar.


There it is! So close yet so far away. There was no way to get there from the observation deck. I went to the lobby and they told me there was a bar on the roof but you need a room key to access the pool. That’s fine, I thought, I’m just going to pimp myself out at the bar and wait until I meet a guest! (I really wasn’t going to pimp myself out – I am a lady!) As I got into the elevator, an woman stepped in. She looked American and so I asked “Are you staying at the hotel?” (I’m a straight shooter) and she said she was! I asked her if she could get me to the pool and without hesitation she said “Of course!!” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we meet people for a certain reason. She lived in the same town my sister lived in and her cats name was my last name! It was fate. Here are some pictures of the view:


I owed her a drink for her hospitality. So what if it was only 10:30am! We ended up spending most of the time at the pool where she told me her life story and I told her mine. I love conversations like that – free of judgement and open minds. It was a great day.

I had to meet my boss at the hotel for a 3pm checkout and let’s just say I had to chug some water on the way there to compose myself!! Fortunately, I was in business class on Singapore Air for the flight home. Unfortunately, we had a layover in Germany. 24 hours later we were home.



The jetlag was pretty brutal. I have no advice on how to get over it. I’m still trying to figure it out for myself so if you have any tips please feel free to share.

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