Breckenridge, CO

As mentioned in my previous post, my husband and I visited Colorado in November 2012. After a day in Golden, we headed “for the mountains.” I love how all the locals don’t say a specific city (i.e. Aspen, Breckenridge, Vail). They just say “mountains” and everyone nods their head in agreement. It doesn’t seem to matter where exactly.

After departing Denver, we made a quick pit stop at Red Rocks Amphitheater. It’s a quick 30 minute drive and since we were passing by on our way to Breckenridge, I felt like we needed to see it! For someone who grew up listening to Dave Matthews Band, I felt like this was my mecca. I was going there to pay homage – even though, I hardly ever listen to him now!

There was no entrance fee as it was a chilly morning on Black Friday.

283327_4888731337719_233948507_nThe views were incredible!


There were quite a few people working off their Thanksgiving dinner. It appears to be a popular training arena given the amount of steps.600415_4888733257767_27955400_n 574556_4888732417746_1963897849_nAfter reveling in the beauty, it was off to Breck (aka Breckenridge). The drive from Red Rocks is 1.5 hours. It’s such a lovely ride with stunning views. We even got to see some Buffalo grazing.

buffaloHere is the view as we were heading into the town of Breckenridge. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of snow on the ground to make skiing worthwhile.

snow peaks

Therefore, we had to drink a sampler at Breckenridge Brewery!breckenridge breweryAfter a quick bite to eat and beverage, we checked into our room at The Village Hotel. This room was clean and in perfect location to the downtown. We had an unexpected problem with our room keys and unfortunately got locked out at 2am after a night of moderate to heavy drinking! Not only did we get locked out, but they key fob completely broke and we couldn’t get into our room. Jonathan at the front desk was wonderful as was Leann the next morning. They resolved the issue in a professional/understanding manner. We ended up in another room altogether for the night while our luggage stayed in the locked room. Despite all of that, I would highlight recommend this hotel.

Prior to the evenings debacle, we met up with friends and did some shopping downtown followed by some eating and drinking. Altitude sickness be damned!

148121_4888738457897_1104348232_n30974_4888737977885_343491450_n 149097_4888740857957_721669390_n  After our eventful night out, it was off to Boulder….



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