My Favorite Stroll Through London

I had the wonderful opportunity to “study” in London my junior year in college. I use the term study loosely. I will discuss that in other posts but for now, let me share with you one of my favorite walks I would take when people would visit me. It hits all the major sites.

MapTake the tube to the Green Park stop.

1Once outside, walk through Green Park towards Buckingham Palace. There are signs.

1917408_1293122969757_2579551_n1917408_1293123049759_6909047_nStop by and say “Hi” to the queen. Perhaps the Changing of the Guard will be occurring at that time. If it’s not, I wouldn’t recommend waiting. You have more important things to see.1917408_1293123209763_1294326_nFollow the “The Mall, London” Road. It’s the long stretch of road that leads directly to the palace. Go in the opposite direction of the palace and stroll along.

london_buckingham_palace_20bEventually, you will pass through the Admiralty Arch and on to Trafalgar Square

1917408_1293123529771_3799357_nTrafalgar Square (9)Take some pictures but be sure turn to turn around. Off in the distance down Parliament Street is Big Ben.


1917408_1293123729776_2700613_nAs you start walking towards Big Ben (down Parliament), be sure to stop in one of the pubs nearby for a pint. You’re in no hurry. May I recommend the Silver Cross Pub?

silver cross pubOnce you are finished, continue down Parliament and say “Cheerio” to the Prime Minister. Soon, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey will be sprawled out before you. Snap a tourist shot in front of both and if the mood strikes, take a look around Westminster.

(Oops, it looks like I stayed in the pub for too long! Now it’s dark outside.)

benCross over the bridge and admire the River Thames beneath you. Also, revel in the enormous London Eye. Isn’t she a beauty?

1917408_1293124209788_5529444_nOnce you are on the other side, turn around and see what’s behind you. It’s something that’s shouldn’t be missed.

1917408_1293124449794_1205521_n1917408_1293124729801_6539626_n Take a very slow spin on The Eye and afterwards walk through Jubilee Park,

1917408_1293124809803_5845749_nFrom there you can pick up the Waterloo tube station. Off you go…

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