Kennebunkport, ME

My husband and I took a trip to Portland in the fall of 2009. As mentioned in my previous post, Portland was such a charming city. We wanted to venture out to other towns within Maine. This wasn’t my first visit but I never got the chance to see Kennebunkport. This was the perfect opportunity.

It’s a little over a half hour drive from Portland to Kennebunkport. Once there, we took in the sights.

Kenn 1 Kenn 2 Kenn 3

Blink and you could miss it! Honestly, there wasn’t much to it! Maybe we didn’t see a portion of the town but it was similar to a lot of coastal towns in New England. Shops and restaurants. REPEAT.Kenn 4

We had a lobster roll from Aunt Marie’s. It was quite tasty.Kenn 5 After our quick excursions to Kennebunkport, we headed to Portsmouth, NH to get our brew tours on.

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