Brunswick, ME

We just returned from a trip to Maine for a friends wedding! I love Maine. I have always said it’s the friendliest state and this time was no exception. On a prior trip, we visited Portland, Freeport Kennebunkport and Portsmouth, NH. For this trip though, we first stopped in Rhode Island before heading to Brunswick.

When we arrived, we checked into the Comfort Inn. All of the guests were staying there so we of course joined in on the fun. It didn’t look like your typical Comfort Inn.

ME025A1The inside was cozy; however, the rooms were in need of an upgrade. A little paint can go a long way in the rooms. Also, they need to remove furniture that has stains on it. It’s disgusting! This post isn’t about the hotel though.

After check-in we were on our way to Libby’s Market for their famous lobster rolls. I am going to say it: This was by far the best lobster roll I’ve ever had. I’m still thinking about it and it’s been several days.

IMG_2906For starters, Libby’s Market is just that – a market. Well, more like a convenience store.

IMG_2907Don’t judge a book by its cover though. Go inside, pick out the size roll you want and settle in! They have tables inside but choose to dine al fresco. While you wait be sure to check out Libby’s lobster cages. They have their own traps and go out daily.



Simple, fresh and delicious!



IMG_2908After dinner, we visited downtown Brunswick. Maine Street has the typical charming shops and restaurants.

10038001_H7620367-600x399 4892856490_d775509502_z Brunswick-Maine-Street Shopping-In-Brunswick-midcoast-credit-Brunswick-Downtown-AssociationI wouldn’t recommend staying in Brunswick as there isn’t that much to do. You need 2 hours – tops! But before all else, stop at Libby’s!

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