Freeport, ME

My husband and I took a trip to Maine when we were living in Florida back in 2009. We arrived in Portland where we explored Old Port and it’s wonderful charm.

On our second day we set off early for Freeport. We were on our way to the L.L.Bean Store to take a clay shooting class with their Out Door Discovery program! They have all kinds of classes – fly fishing, kayaking, archery, etc. At the time we visited the classes were only $10. After looking at their site, it seems the price went up to $20. For more information, click here. In a nutshell, they bus you out to their property nearby and you learn something new!

The infamous boot outside the store.

1933788_1241638522678_6854245_n Find the counter to sign up or do so ahead of time! Space fills up quickly.6This was the very first time I ever shot a gun. The instructor was wonderful and everyone hit a clay disc.

1933788_1241639082692_4245732_n7On our second trip to Portland in August 2014, we had more time to putzy around the downtown. Freeport’s main attraction is the outlet shopping. You can get a lot of great deals!

IMG_2969 IMG_2970 IMG_2971Also part of our trip was a visit to Portsmouth, NH.

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