Smuttynose Brewery

This was hands down the best brew tour I’ve ever done – and there’s been a lot!  Smuttynose in located outside of Portsmouth, NH in a town called Hamilton. When we visited in 2009, they were building a tasting room that is now complete.This is what it looks:

smuttynose-mainVery impressive. On our visit, it was pretty much a warehouse in the woods. We went in a side entrance and were immediately greeted with some taps. Upon arrival we began the tasting portion of our tour. They had several drafts to choose from.

1933788_1241637242646_1675978_nLet’s face it; some tours can be pretty basic. They give you the standard information about the brewing process and you get to see the vats.

1933788_1241637202645_5367556_nNot Smuttynose. They have you wearing hard hats and protective glasses while you are climbing up the vats to get a peek inside.

1933788_1241637322648_5795353_nYou are also crawling under the vats and piping trying not to hit your head (helmet) off the tanks – all while getting dripped on.   1933788_1241637362649_5662101_n 1933788_1241637482652_5814338_nSome of you might recognize these two old gentleman on their IPA. This is Cy and Paul. I will let them tell you their story!!

1933788_1241637602655_5830908_n Have you been to the newly renovated facility? If so, what was it like? We just got back from a trip to Maine (Brunswick, Freeport and Portland) and I regret not stopping by. Even though it was years ago, I still think about that tour fondly and tell people about it. I hope it didn’t change too much!

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