Bath and Stonehenge

My family came to visit me over Thanksgiving while I was studying abroad in London. Even though the Brits don’t celebrate the holiday, that didn’t stop us from breaking bread and drinking some pints. (For a great way to drink your way free through London, click here.) Needless to say, the day after was ROUGH. And of course we had to be up early as we booked a day trip to Bath and Stonehenge. There are many tours that offer the excursion for £50 with various pick-up points throughout the city.

It takes about two hours to get out to Stonehenge. Being hungover on a hot bus did not sit well for several members of my family. Bear in mind, most tours don’t have bathrooms on board. Think about this before you drink the night before. I cannot stress this enough haha!

Once you are there, they give you around 90 minutes to visit. That’s about 80 minutes too long. This is all there is to see at Stonehenge.

Rocks in a field. Scratch that, OLD rocks in a field. After, we headed to Bath. This was around an hour drive. Once we got there we realized there was a Christmas festival going on. How charming!

6438884907_de001687a2_zBefore we shopped, we stopped to see the baths. I never wanted to get in there so badly in my life. My whole body hurt. Plus, while studying abroad, I hadn’t taken an actual soak in a tub in months. (Not that I do it often!) But alas, these aren’t meant for the public. The steam just taunts you as you shiver in the cold.

Picture_0284 lacock-uk-bath-united-kingdom+1152_12842176106-tpfil02aw-4307 Bath was a very charming village that’s worth a visit; while Stonehenge is a place you can check off your sightseeing list.

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