Portsmouth, NH

My husband and I visited Maine and while we were staying in Portland we took the hour or so drive to Portsmouth, NH. We first took a tour of Smuttynose Brewery and then toured the downtown. There were lots of cute shops and cafe’s lining Marke Add Mediat Street. The shops ranged from jewelry, art, clothes and home goods to knick knacks and spoof gifts.1933788_1241638002665_3100398_n1933788_1241637762659_600308_n 1933788_1241637962664_7757314_n 1933788_1241638082667_952649_n1933788_1241638042666_4936280_n 1933788_1241638162669_1642376_nar117901570160821If you are thirsty, step into the Portsmouth Brewery for a beer….


…or sampler.

1933788_1241638282672_5260292_n If you are passing through, stop by the downtown. You won’t be disappointed!


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