Dining in Deerfield Beach, FL

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my husband and I used to live Boca Raton, FL There were so many places to dine, shop and kid-friendly activities to do there (even though I do not have kids, my sisters have plenty!) But just down the road sits Deerfield Beach. Read about it here.

To refuel after your surf lesson, walk on the beach or a wild night out, check out the Deerfield Beach Cafe near the pier. There’s nothing extremely fancy about this place but it offers the standard breakfast cuisine.


You can also check out the Wyndham Patio Bar & Grill. This is also a great spot for lunch as well. They have a full bar where you can day drink (without judgement – heck that’s what mimosa’s and bloody mary’s are for) while enjoying a sandwich or burger. You can’t beat the view or people watching.

lSave your appetite for dinner though.

My favorite restaurant in ALL OF SOUTH FLORIDA – I know, this is a very bold statement – is Oceans 234.

I just asked my husband what my favorite restaurant was (just to see what he would say) and he said Oceans. This was our go to spot for special occasions (like after he proposed) or when friends and family would visit.

Don’t even pick up the menu when you arrive. Trust me and order the Lobster Mac n’ Cheese. Don’t scoff at the Mac n’ Cheese part. This is no joke.


Dear Lord, I want it now. I mean look at it! The cheese is creamy combination of mascarpone cheddar in rigatoni.

Other restaurants to choose from are JB’s on the Beach (it was never my favorite – see above picture again) but it has a large menu that is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. A delicious rib place would be Flanigans…

Honestly, I’m going to stop typing because none of these places mean as much to me than Oceans!

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