Dining in Delray Beach, FL

After a long day of fun-filled activities in Delray, settle in for a delicious meal at one of my favorite restaurants (in no particular order.)


This is such a fun, eclectic place! It’s a house with a beautiful front yard with a huge tree shading the patrons.

master_dadasWhen you go to the bar area, it looks like someones living room and in the next room is another dining area.


I would call ahead for reservations though as it books up pretty fast!

The Blue Anchor Pub

One of my favorite bars in South Florida is The Blue Anchor. The entire outside of this 1864 English pub was dismantled and tranported to Delray Beach in 1996. This is a bar with a past. It is said that two of Jack the Rippers last victims had a drink here before their untimely demise.


What with it’s ghoulish history, there’s no surprise it’s haunted. The young woman’s name is Bertha Starkey who was stabbed to death by her jealous husband. Employees have reported hearing footsteps and wails after the bar closes. Television shows have even taped here. To honor Bertha, every evening at 9pm, they ring a bell on the wall where all the patrons chime in “Ghosty Ghosty!” Before my husband and I moved out of Boca Raton, I rang thebell. We even have a framed painting of the bar on our wall at home!

Boston’s on the Beach

If you are looking for a laid back beach bar, Boston’s is it! With it’s outside seating and open air bar, you get beautiful ocean views. The menu is extensive but expect your local bar food.

bostons_delrayLemongrass Asian Bistro

This is a South Florida chain that always delivers quality Thai cuisine and fresh Sushi. I have never had a roll or dinner I didn’t like. Be sure to try their Curry Puffs! Delicious.


Sunday House

If you are looking for fine dining or a delicious brunch then try the Sunday House.

our-story2-740x400We went for a friend’s birthday and dined in the gazebo featured below.

SundyGazebo It’s NOT cheap so prepare yourself in advance. But hey, you deserve it!

If you have time, be sure to check out Boca Raton – just a few miles south of Delray. It has incredible shopping, kid-friendly activities and delicious restaurants as well.


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